European Summit

Launched in 2022, the CLIA European Summit is the leading platform for the cruise community to share with key policymakers, media, and the wider maritime industry, its vision for the future of our industry.

This unique event allows senior cruise executives, authorities, ports, destinations, and the wider cruise supply chain to network, share intelligence, foster engagement, forge relationships, and discover new solutions and products.

Attendees will have unlimited access to key cruise industry decision-makers in an exclusive setting. Connectivity and authenticity are central to CLIA’s mission to bring the cruise community together to collaborate on innovation that will serve as a catalyst to help the cruise industry grow sustainably.

CLIA and the cruise industry are at the forefront of innovation practices aimed at:

  • Powering industrial advances and environmental technologies to reduce emissions and protect the ocean and land we visit; and
  • Delivering unparalleled traveler experiences at ports and in destinations

The three-day summit will include engaging speakers from regulatory authorities, cruise lines and the cruise sector. The event also offers enhanced content, interactive workshops, networking opportunities, showcasing products, and engaging in detailed dialogue on timely topics, which will include:

  • 2024, turning regulations into reality: first year of implementation for EU and IMO emission regulations: what does this mean for the industry and for the destinations?
  • Cruising of the future: what will be the future technologies and practices for the industry to meet its sustainability objectives?
  • Structuring tourism development in destinations: how cruise tourism can be the role model in managed tourism practices?
  • Sustainability, going beyond the GHG emissions discussions: what are the different aspects of the sustainability strategy of the cruise industry, how does this impact suppliers and port operations?
  • Diverse and accessible: attracting the new generation of crew and cruisers
  • Seamless travel experience: how to secure the best experience for both crew and passengers with the adoption of new Entry-Exit requirements and Travel Authorisations across Europe? What is the role of innovation in providing better traveler experience at ports?

Cruise Community Meetings

Another benefit of summit participation is CLIA’s staging cruise community meetings in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors of cruising as well as the marine technical services. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with industry peers in their specialties and discuss the unique challenges their sectors are facing and brainstorm creative solutions to solve them.


Local Hosts

Local Hosts